Sunday, September 21, 2008

Guess who's back :P

Heeey :)
I know i've been away for quite some time now but i am back stronger then ever, hehe.
Anyways im gona fill u in on my some what new job. I work as the guestlist girl at a club downtown in Toronto. It can be an amazing, exciting and fun job, but it can also be a bit freaky.
Take last night for example. I was minding my own business checking people in if they were on the guestlist and out of no where this guy comes up and takes another guy buy his shirt collar and smashes his head against the brick wall of the club :O :O :O I KNOW
I was freaking out, and then 6 of our huuuuuge bouncers jumped on him and started ripping the 2 guys apart who were in a full out brawl by now.!!! It was a sight i did not want to witness. It really shook me up :(
About 10 minutes later, the head bouncer tells this one guy to not enter the club because we were at out capacity. Obviously, this guy thinks he is important and decides to enter anyways. BAD IDEA! The head bouncer literally picks him up and throws him out on the street!!! If the manager of the club was not standing outside the bouncer would have probably beat the poor fella up....what can i say he's one angry big guy.
Well, thats what happened last night. And it really scared me because i hate witnessing fights especially when i am working and they occur one step away from me.

On that note,