Saturday, December 13, 2008

Man's best friend...woman's, I beg to differ,

"You and my dog are the only two people I say I love you to." This still sends shivers down my spine. Men and their dogs. It was love at first bark. They obey, listen quietly, sit, give paw, roll over, and play dead, all on command without asking questions of second guessing.
Men with dogs whom they absolutely adore should be looked upon with suspicion. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. The more men I date the more reassured I become of my little thesis here: If a man talks to his dog as if it were a baby, and if he talks or compares the love he has for his dog with the feelings he has for you, well, to put it plainly and blatantly, do not expect a happily ever after with this person, unless you also can joyfully roll over and play dead on command.
If a man is completely infatuated and in love with his dog, and you come into his life and expect him to love you as well...well, you will have a lot to live up to. Because, you probably do have an opinion and will question certain things that he will not want to answer or think about.

Just a little something to think about.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When love throws u questions....go Fashion!

If love is realizing that you can not live without a person, what happens when you are not together anymore and you realize that you are still alive? *gasp* Does it mean that you never loved them in the first place?
But then, what should those of us who believe they have loved expect? To fall dead, or be so completely heart broken that we lose the will to be happy and move on with our lives? Is this not what fairy tales gone bad are made of?
When you are in a relationship with someone and they make you so happy that you tell yourself you will not be able to live without them because they almost make your life what it is, how do you go on after you two are not together? Especially when you realize that you can breathe and obviously live without this person just fine? Does this mean you never loved them in the first place, even though you were so sure this was the real deal when you two were together? Were you a fool in love? Or, were you just fooled that what you had was love?
Please don't hesitate to leave your opinions, they are greatly appreciated :)
NOW!!! Onto more fun things that do not involve me scratching my head and thinking where I went wrong...
If you are in the mood to wear something simple, defined, and classic, go to Lauren Conrad. (Spring 2009 collection below)

This dress is perfection. The cut, the lenght, the colour. Pure love.
This is what you call "super cute" but it is too short I think, except for the beach of course.
Gorgeous classic dress! Love the navy colour, the cut, and the scoop at the top.

However, if you are in the mood for something edgy, extra, shiny, new, and striped, go to Dolce and Gabbana. (Spring 2009 collection below)

Amazing top...don't know a lot of people who could easily pull off those pants, they look pretty tricky.
Love the high waisted shorts!
This dress screams extra to me!!!
Love classic white and black combo, the striped bring something new to the table.