Friday, July 31, 2009

Want what you can't have.

Would you settle for the bad boy who will not cuddle you after a very fun night in bed, on the floor, against the window overlooking central downtown, on the balcony, and the list goes on? Or, for the good boy who will make you feel safe, secure, and cuddle you while his arm falls asleep because of the weight of your head on it? And, is there such a person that has both of these combined, bad and good boy characteristics that i find myself bouncing from and to every changing day? Having both of these men in my life, it is that much more difficult to stick to one and ignore the other completely, especially on those days when you need a certain one more. Last night, for instance, it was the bad boy, being very good at being bad, and even making me stay over the whole night, which i would have if the snoring was tolerable. Tomorrow night it will be the good boy, sweeping me off my feet with flowers and picking me up all dressed up for a night out on the town, filled with dining and dancing. With the good boy you can be your self, more or less, and talk about your feelings, families, and friends. With the bad boy, the less talking the better. Firstly, to save precious time that can be spent on pleasures you both crave a little too much, and secondly, because he does not have much interesting to say, or anything you would want to actually listen to with genuine enthusiasm. Oh the decisions, the decisions to be made. I wish i could keep them both, without any contracts, any long term fees and consequences. Unfortunately, life is not as peachy as we would all like it to be, and me having both of them in my life in such an intimate way, is not healthy, mostly for me, since they do not know the other exists.

Needless to say, a decision must be made ladies and gentlemen. Any suggestions?

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