Monday, August 24, 2009

Too much free time

There is always a bad side next to the good one of a situation. Although i absolutely LOVE traveling, i have been in and out of the country so often, that i have been unable to secure a full time or even a part time job. I mean, i do work at a club on Saturdays, but that is a mere 5 hours a week. In the last 8 months i have been to Miami for a week, Dominican Republic also for a week, Florida for 2 weeks, and i am leaving to South Carolina for another week in 6 days. No matter how much fun and adventure this summer has seen, i still feel a little inadequate, working wise. Perhaps, it is because i am just bored to not be constantly busy and sleep deprived, as i am used to, since i have been working almost full time for 4 years while attending university full time as well. I guess i should just enjoy my time off while i have it. Silly me.


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